Women Soap Making

  • Women's Global Development & Prosperity
  • Guinea
This project is led by Priscilla Ibrahim, a Volunteer from California

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Soap making is an income-generating activity primarily done by women. In my village, we have started a soap making group where we make basic soap used for doing laundry. This activity gives women the opportunity to increase their yearly incomes and improve their quality of life. Other communities have ranked soap making as a top priority during needs assessment meeting. That is why we would like to bring together volunteers and counterparts to learn about soap making and value added products from a soap professional. I’m writing this grant because I want to expand the skills of my group by hosting a training in my village. This agroforestry project is designed with three purposes: First, to introduce value adding techniques such as incorporating moringa to our soapmaking. Secondly, to teach the participants the health benefits of moringa. Thirdly, to teach business literacy.

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