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This project is led by Britten Bolenbaugh, a Volunteer from Missouri

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The first ever, “Women 4 Women Conference” is a national Ukrainian women's conference for under-served and marginalized communities. The conference will be held over the course of 5 days, focusing on critical women’s topics in Ukraine such as domestic violence, human trafficking, and diversity including discrimination and stigma reduction. 

Historically, Ukrainian women have been confined to the domestic sphere, without equal rights, or opportunities in family, work or public spaces. Due to this fact, Ukrainian women currently have a staggering lack of power in the public sphere. Women who also identify as members of marginalized communities such as PLWHA, rural populations, victims of domestic violence, people of diversity, and low-income brackets have even fewer opportunities. 

This conference will provide an opportunity for women in these communities to engage in and learn best practices regarding sexual and reproductive health, activism, and self-care. Over the course of the five day Women 4 Women Conference, there will be several expert panel sessions, conducted by Ukrainian experts and logistics supported by GAD PCVs, covering topics of Work-Life Balance Panel, Women in Business, and Women lead Projects in Ukraine. This conference provides a unique and greatly needed space for women to network and support one another from all over the country. These participants will then complete group projects in their respective hometowns, engage with their local community, and inform other women and girls with the information and experience they have gained from the Women 4 Women Conference. The Women 4 Women Conference will be a transformative event for its participants and for the communities that are impacted by the participants upon their return.

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