We Choose Literacy: Escojo Enseñar Teacher Training Conference 2018

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  • Dominican Republic
This project is led by Kara McGowan, a Volunteer from Florida

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Escojo Enseñar (EE) is an initiative that aims to facilitate the exchange of classroom management strategies, teaching techniques and reflection among local school staff and district members. Due to the positive impact and successful outcomes this initiative has had in other parts of the country, district officials, teachers and Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) alike are excited and energized for the opportunity to host the very first Escojo Enseñar conference in the region of Monte Plata. The goal of this initiative is to engage local educators and district members in a daylong, hands-on workshop where host country nationals will share innovative, best teaching practices. This conference promotes collaboration and support among educators ultimately resulting in a positive and productive learning environment. 

As proposed by local district officials this conference will focus on three main themes: parental involvement, literacy and mathematics instruction, and resource development. A district technical trainer will work in tandem with a PCV to design and present on each of these subjects so as to help streamline the way in which the information is presented to attendees. This conference will be offered to all primary educators (1st through 4th grade) in 5 Peace Corps partnered public schools. This will allow for district members and PCVS to more efficiently track the conference’s post impact. All participating district technical trainers will also be encouraged to share the presented information from the conference in small-scale sessions to other school districts that lay outside of these partnered schools. The goal by the close of the conference is that every teacher will leave with concrete materials and resources to use and implement in their classrooms and/or share amongst colleagues in the broader school community. As has been the result of past conferences in other regions in the Dominican Republic, this initiative will increase motivation and commitment among teachers and district personnel and promote quality education practices in the Monte Plata region.

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