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This project is led by Lisa Sechler, a Volunteer from Illinois

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The class is looking at a finished Re-Useable Menstrual Pad.
Lisa and her counterparts are facilitating the Re-Useable Menstrual Pads, and STDs HIV local training.

We Are Together would be implemented by the Community group and PCV in partnership with eight of their supported schools. The group has two community development workers stationed in each field office, and village health teams mobilize communities to participate in health and education programs for children. The workers and teachers are very familiar with the youth and their needs. The activities are reproductive health education and a RUMPs training program that will be repeated annually. The RUMPs (Re-Useable Menstrual Pads ) training is at the end of the program for primary 3-7 students to take home. The objective being that the youth will better understand puberty, menstruation, personal hygiene and how to avoid early pregnancy, STDs and HIV. Learning how and why bodies change will normalize their fears and break down social taboos. Girls can feel empowered to manage their bodies' changes, seek advise, not miss school and take control of their routines, health and education. Not only will the students learn, but the teachers and the community workers will be able to continue the training after the initial programming. The training of all the players involved will reduce absenteeism and early pregnancies and will be repeated annually.

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