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This project is led by Veronica Tischer, a Volunteer from California

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The Girls Secondary School proposes the implementation of a water project on the school campus to provide four new water faucets for the benefit of more than 700 students, teachers and staff members living on the campus. There is no water on the school campus during the dry season which starts in April and ends in December. Students are responsible for fetching water by carrying buckets from a small pond located thirty minutes away from campus. This water is for individual use by students and staff, as well as for school cleaning, cooking, and irrigating the school gardens and tree nurseries. They are required to fetch water multiple times throughout the day including class time, meal times, and during their allotted 1 hour of free time. This project aims to increase the availability of accessible water for the female students throughout the year and will allow them to spend more time in the classroom, improve their hygiene and irrigate school nutrition projects. The water source for the proposed project is a river constantly flowing with water year-round and located 5 km away from the school. A Project Committee consisting of the head of school, multiple teachers and village leaders have designed an underground pipeline system that will connect the river to the school which will provide the school with constantly flowing water to the water faucets and 500 liters of water on reserve held in a water tank. Implementation will start in October 2019 and finish before January 2020. The total project cost is 6,860,000 shillings with a 31% community contribution of labor, equipment and a water tank. Monitoring and evaluating will be done by the Project Community through hygiene check-ups and a contract has been made to ensure project sustainability.

This project was entirely designed by the Girls Secondary School staff in June 2019. Staff members worked with village government and a water specialist to design the water system to reach the school campus. The teachers realize not having an adequate water source for more than 700 female students is a serious problem. During the dry season, they have noticed a significant difference in the girls' hygiene as well as attitudes in the classroom. They designed this project for the students' benefit to have a reliable source for water on the school campus. The community places significant importance on this project because it is such a challenge for so many people in not having water during the dry season, especially the girls attending the school. A council for this project has been formed. A teach from the school will be the leader of the project, the Headmistress is in charge of community contributions, the Village Executive Officer is in charge of the Water Committee of the village, Village Council Chair is leading labor organizer and multiple secondary school teachers are assisting with labor for digging, speaking with community members living near the pipeline, and implementing the line. The school and community members living along the water line have also expressed support and volunteered labor and a 500 liter water tank as a community contribution to account for over thirty percent of the grant budget.

The Project Leader is also the Project Teacher at the school and shares project responsibility with two other teachers. The three of them will be in charge of the project and will lead implementation and keep-up of the project. The school and Project Committee have made a contract which states they will take care of any additions to the project if there is need for maintenance after project establishment and after the volunteer's departure. If any issues need to be solved by consulting the Water Specialist, the school has one readily available and if any additional parts are needed for any of the water stations, the school will purchase the parts. The school has a reserved fund for any necessary repairs and purchases for on-going projects. The Project Leader will take care of any necessary repairs with the consult of the Headmistress in order to access school funds for the repairs. Since water is such a delicate issue to the school, they will make any additional changes or repairs to this project to ensure its sustainability.

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