Water Extension Project

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This project is led by Sydney Henderson, a Volunteer from Alabama

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A water tank.
Sydney is working with her counterparts to facilitate the Water Extension Project.
We are a small community of about 2,500-3,000 people located in the Western Region of Ghana. Currently several of the boreholes located in the community have iron deposits that turn the water into a brownish color and for many of the people in the community, those boreholes are the closest source of drinking water. For these community members, using those boreholes is their only choice as the borehole which produces clean and clear water is very far from their homes. The borehole with the clean and clear water is popular and sometimes fetching water at them can take over 30 minutes. For the girls who are charged with fetching water it can be an interruption to their school work and other educational activities. For this project, the community has decided that they would be better served by mechanizing the borehole that is producing good water which will reduce the wait time for fetching water and making the task less laborious. In addition to mechanizng the borehole, the community would like to create two water-fetching outlets within the community to better cut down the wait time.

Our community is ready to support the project by providing the existing borehole for the construction and providing communal labor through the digging of trenches for the extension. A care taker will be appointed and trained on the washing, maintenance of the water systems and the use of new technology with regards to water mechanization - we will select someone who has knowledge of borehole care, maintenance and management already - or one willing to be trained by NGO Engineers. The caretaker who will work closely with the watsan committee, also needs to be someone trusted by the community as his/her role will involve taking and keeping money generated from borehole use.  As the company is doing their part we will be solidifying the role of the WATSAN committee that will be responsible for the collecting money, paying the electricity bill, and ensuring maintenance. There will be one storage tank.  The extension at the school is a tap only.  The attached photo is how the extension to the the cocoa shed will be. NGO Engineers will train the watsan committee and care taker (to be appointed by the community ) along with the committee with regards to the new systems on repairs and maintenance after the completion of the labor.

The sustainability of the project will be secured through the work of the WATSAN committee. The members will ensure that there is money collected when fetching for paying the bill and for maintainence. Usuing the pay as you fetch method is already practiced in the community so the method will not be an adjustment and by training the committee on maintenance they will be able to sustain the borehole for years to come.  The contractors will also act as consultants on all future water expansion and will liaise with the committee on all subsequent issues 6 months after project completion.

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