Volta and Eastern Region GLOW/BRO Camp 2018

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This project is led by Chelsea Currie, a Volunteer from Florida

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A student holding up art work.
Chelsea works with her counterparts to facilitate the Volta and Eastern Region GLOW/BRO Camp 2018.
A Girls Leading Our World/Boys Respecting Others (GLOW/BRO) Camp is to be held for Junior and Senior High School students living in the Eastern and Volta Regions of Ghana. Backed by the support of a Senior High School in the Eastern Region, which will provide accommodation facilities, as well as the support of a number of Ghanaian NGOs, this camp will be a week-long engaging and interactive leadership camp for participating students. Led by both Peace Corps Volunteers and Ghanaian counterparts, the purpose of this camp is to give motivated students access to mentors and resources which will help them realize their potential and foster their unique talents, set and reach realistic life goals, and to equip these students with skills to make healthy life choices and to ultimately share their experiences with their families, friends and peers when they return to their home communities. We will specifically focus on empowering the girls by teaching them how to be exceptional leaders and demonstrating, by example and through activities, how they can contribute to society in many ways that are not bound by traditional gender roles. In addition to female empowerment, we will also focus on empowering the boys to not only respect their peers of the opposite sex, but to work with them as true partners, and to act as allies to promote gender equality. The camp will target 60 students (30 boys and 30 girls) from Junior High Schools across the country.

Each school that will be sending students to the camp is supporting the project, recognizing the unique opportunities that it will afford to the participating students and, upon their return, to the rest of the student body. In addition, teachers from some of these schools will be involved in the operations of the camp by facilitating sessions and activities, monitoring students, and acting as liaisons with the schools. A number of sessions/activities will also be carried out by Ghanaian NGOs, with representatives also acting as mentors to the students by being positive examples of Ghanaians who are true leaders in their communities and the country, as a whole.

We will also have five counterparts coming from our local communities to assist the students when they return to school and teach their friends what they've learned. The counterparts will act as camp counselors and primary role models for the kids at the camp. 

During the last few days of the camp, we will utilize time to ensure that the students know how to teach what they have learned by conducting teach-back sessions. After the camp, the students will be expected to share the knowledge gained with their communities. This can be done both directly by leading sessions, speaking out about issues, and informally teaching their peers about their experiences at the camp, as well as indirectly by leading by example through implementing their new skills, strategies, and knowledge into their own lives. Each student will come from a community that is connected with Peace Corps, therefore PCVs will be asked to follow-up with the students who will attend the camp. We will also ask the local counterparts within the communities to be responsible for following up, and encouraging the students to share what they have learned throughout their schools or communities. Thus the peer to peer program will largely sustain the benefits of this project.  

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