Vocational Training and Professional Development for Victims of Domestic Violence

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This project is led by Madeline McGrath, a Volunteer from New York

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The aim of the project is to provide professional training support for victims of domestic violence. Most of the beneficiaries at our women's shelter do not have a profession and do not have experience in career orientation or employability. Our project activities will include: informing beneficiaries about counseling, vocational training and job placement services including developing entrepreneurial skills, strategic planning, acquiring skills in the field of financial education, and business management. In addition, we will provide skills for fulfilling a CV, interviewing, and financing planning. We will also create orientation sessions for employers, where beneficiaries can learn about opportunities and the requirements for professionals. Five women from this program will be selected based on their interest and need to participate in a vocational school that will provide a certificate for their chosen profession.

Through effective collaboration with organizations and institutions designed to support people in difficult life situations, we will draw up a work plan to cover all the proposed objectives. The training center will contribute to the professional training of the beneficiaries. Employees from the local municipality will inform and support the women beneficiaries of the project for employment in the field of work without risks. The specialists of our center will opt for the support the creation and correction of writing of a CV, professional counseling, psychological and legal counseling, etc. Employers will support victims of violence by providing jobs, decent pay, favorable working conditions, etc. This project is sustainable because all women who participate in the project will be better prepared to advocate for themselves in employment and in their community in general. Through this project, we also set out to combat stereotypes, prejudices and doubts about the ability of people at risk to learn and actively participate in community life. This project will not only directly impact these individuals but have an indirect impact on the community and our vulnerable population by showing what an individual in need can do when given the proper support.

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