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This project is led by Deanna Assad, a Volunteer from Massachusetts

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As Mongolia’s economy expands and diversifies, it creates plentiful educational and professional opportunities for its citizens. However, a majority of these opportunities are not accessible to rural Mongolians due to their great geographic distance from these opportunity and resource-rich urban centers. To remedy this, Village to City (VtC), an organization which was created 7 years ago, seeks to bring 20 students and 4 teachers from eight of Mongolia’s rural communities to the capital city for a one-week summer program. This program will introduce the diverse array of career opportunities available in Mongolia, the higher education needed to prepare for them, and tangible reasons to invest in their future and the tools to do so. Furthermore, while Mongolian schools experience reverse gender-gaps, women's roles in businesses and government structures reflect traditional patriarchal norms with few women in positions of leadership and power. To address this under representation of women, VtC aims to implement online trainings on gender equality, sexism, allyship, and family planning. These trainings aim to encourage all participants, not just girls and women, to be ethical leaders and thoughtful allies in the workplace.

Selected through an essay application process that is graded by a Mongolian non-profit, non-governmental organization, 24 participants will be connected with businesses, government organizations, nonprofit organizations, and universities in the capital city. Students will participate in workshops and forums, led either by the VtC team or the organization partners, to address the aforementioned goals as well as share experiences and network. Workshop topics will include education and career planning, goal setting, decision making, professional etiquette, networking, resume and cover letter writing, gender equality, and family planning. By the end of the week, these students will demonstrate an increase in knowledge about career opportunities available in Mongolia; develop a personalized education and career plan; be equipped with the tools to become empowered and ethical leaders of change in their chosen career fields; and create presentations summarizing what they learned to share with their communities.

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