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This project is led by Lauren Kerrigan, a Volunteer from California

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The Tuition Assistance Program is designed to allow students to continue their education by providing school fees for students that might otherwise not be able to afford the cost of secondary school. Here in Lesotho, Primary School is government funded for all students. However, once students enter secondary school, the burden of school fees falls upon the students and their families. This project will be fully driven by the high school and the community. After creating a selection committee, the community identified five candidates who show academic promise but a lack of financial resources and/or familial support. The objective of this program is to assist these five students through financial and academic assistance. One of the project activities is a mentorship program that will empower and support these five scholarship candidates by encouraging hard work and the continued pursuit of education. The teachers at the high school will manage the mentorship aspect of this program, making it a sustainable activity that will continue without the help of the Peace Corps Volunteer. This mentorship will provide individualized support for the students, which will help improve the students' self-confidence and will encourage them to work hard and pursue academic excellence. This program aims to build capacity within both the high school and the community as a whole. The students will carry the skills they learn beyond their academics. The community is fully supportive of this project and will contribute to its success by providing books and school uniforms for the five students. Additionally, the high school principal and teachers will provide ongoing support and encouragement through the mentorship program.

The community is highly motivated to support these hardworking yet vulnerable students because they understand that education is the key to success for these students. The community is dedicated to the success of this project and will support these students by providing the books and school uniforms for the five students. From the onset the community has shown commitment and involvement in this project. After introducing the project to the high school, the principal and teacher completely took charge of the project. The teachers brainstormed and selected five students who are vulnerable and high performing. Then, the teachers took time to explain the application to the students. The teachers at the high school support these students through individualized support and mentorship. Additionally, this project aims to elucidate the importance of education for both the students and the community. Familial involvement and support is crucial to the success of this project. Families and community members must continue to encourage and support these students. This familial involvement will be introduced, facilitated, and sustained by the principal and teachers at the high school. During parent meetings, the principal and teachers will have conversations with parents and guardians emphasizing the importance of education and the crucial role that familial involvement, support, and encouragement plays in a student's success. This conversation will help make the project sustainable because it will involve the families. Throughout the duration of the project, the teachers will be essential in encouraging the students in their pursuit of secondary education. The community will sustain the activities of this project by prioritizing the pursuit of education. The mentorship aspect of this project can be sustained by the teachers who can continue to mentor and support the students. Teachers can continue to work closely with the students, encouraging them and assisting them with their school work. This project aims to build capacity by helping students learn skills that they can share with the community. Thus, the benefits of this project will be sustained by the continual skills sharing and exchange of ideas between the students and the community.

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