Tuition Assistance Program 2020

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This project is led by Manaal Syed, a Volunteer from Rhode Island

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In this project the intention is to provide sponsorship and mentor ship activities for 5 students at the local school that have showed potential to succeed. They have a strong desire to attend school, but unfortunately their families lack the funds to pay. The students upon receiving the TAP Grant will participate in a financial literacy based life skills club (using SKILLZ Ragball curriculum) and/or be part of the on-boarding of our school store income generating project. The goal is for the students to learn and apply financial skills so they can succeed beyond academics when they finish their studies here. The community will contribute by providing uniforms and book fees for the students. As stated, the students have shown academic potential and the intention is for students to be able to contribute back into their communities upon completing their studies.

The school formed a committee of teachers to decide the students that would receive the grant. They specifically looked at students that show academic potential or enthusiasm who lack funds to pay for school fees. The committee has shown commitment to support these students, prior to knowing about this grant, the committee had allowed some of these students to attend the school even though their parents or guardians have been unable to give school fees. The school has also given the students books, despite book fees not having been paid. The committee members see potential in these students and want them to succeed with proper resources. The teachers will continue to check in on the students to make sure they are doing well, even after the completion of the TAP grant. If or when the students participate in the income generating project, they will be able to contribute to school funds as they learn business skills. The income generating project for the school will allow students to have extra funds to generate finances for student activities, and don't have to be taken out of the school budget. These activities will have a positive impact on the students, and the students that participate in the school store will be seen as leaders. These skills will transfer far beyond their school years.

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