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This project is led by Ian Mcgrail, a Volunteer from Colorado

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Five high school students will be supported with a scholarship to aid in the cost of tuition and boarding of the second term of 2019. Students will be supported throughout their schooling by a committee that will routinely meet with the students who receive the scholarship to offer mentorship and support with schooling, emotional support, and career guidance. The community is contributing 25% the total cost of the student's tuition in the form of uniforms and school supplies in order to better meet the students needs. Grantees will participate in a healthy youth peer education program at the community clinic on a weekly basis, where they will become experts on a health topic of their choosing. Students will be expected to give presentations to their peers on their health topic at the end of the semester.

The school has developed a committee to oversee the planning and implementation of the project. The committee consists of one teacher representative, one administrative representative, and the deputy principal of the school. The committee has designated a process to identify students in need of additional support, a process to select the students whom should receive the support and have established a plan for implementing a mentorship program for those students. Identification of students is done through a collaboration between teachers and the community members who run the various boarding facilities. The names of students who are struggling are given to the committee who then use their criteria to select candidates whom they believe most need the assistance and will benefit most with the assistance.

The sustainability of this project relies on the school committee that has been formed to continue the mentorship program independently of monetary scholarship. The process of identifying vulnerable students and creating ties between the and an adult mentor at the school can be replicated and expanded upon as long as the school community deems it necessary. Designating a process for selection of new committee members will ensure the committee will continue to function and maintain the program. The work shadow project benefits both the students receiving the support and the clinic’s ability to implement youth friendly services. This partnership can be sustained by continuing a peer education program after school at the adolescent health corner. This will strengthen the relationship between the clinic and in-school youth, impart peer-education skills on participating students, and continue the synthesis of youth voice in the implementation of youth friendly services at the clinic

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