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This project is led by Alex Barrera, a Volunteer from Texas

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Limpia Tu Comunidad (LTC or Clean Your Community) is a local group of community members who have dedicated their time and energy on a long term campaign to educate, and activate our community about our local initiative to improve our communities capabilities to collect the waste we produce around the public realm that currently does not get collected by the current waste management system. LTC has trained several community members how to effectively use techniques to reduce their waste including building and maintaining organic compost stations and useful ways to reuse and repurpose inorganic materials. LTCs long term plan includes educating our community members about how to classify waste materials, holding workshops and events to get interested community members activated, and advocating the local government on working with LTC to improve our waste management system.

After serious consideration LTC is proposing for the purchase of trash cans for our community. LTC has already begun the first phases of the campaign holding several meetings with the local government, churches, local community groups, and LTC has visited several other municipalities who are maintaining successful waste management programs to help with our current strategy and campaign. With the various social groups in our community including the local women groups and churches, LTC has performed several workshops on different topics involving waste and waste reduction as a way to inform and include the general public in this project. Furthermore, the local government has committed 55% in support for our goals and the overall project.

Limpia Tu Comunidad(LTC) is an organically formed group consisting of several active and vocal community members ranging from professionals, business owners, to concerned citizens living within our community that formed for the purpose of improving the capabilities of the community’s waste management program by installing trash cans that can be used by the general public to dispose of their waste. The municipality currently lacks this simple yet crucial public item that is essential for maintaining a clean environment, and with the amount of community interest trash cans would indeed be a welcoming addition to the municipality. Limpia Tu Comunidad has conducted several meetings, workshops, and talks around our community to inform and include the greater population in this initiative to improve our waste management operating system.

Additionally, the youth within the area have also participated in several educational events focused on the environment and why we should maintain a clean neighborhood. Examples of these events include holding activities such as trash pickups, trash classification games, talks on deforestation, flooding, and waste classification. These activities have been successful in demonstrating just how important a clean environment is to the youth as well as their passion to take personal action in cleaning their community. 

The local government has been involved in the planning process for the installation of each trash can. They will be providing land and labor to be used for the installation of each trash can and would be the primary entity in charge of maintaining each trash can once installed in their proper locations. Furthermore the local government already rents a large truck and pays a team that collects waste around the community, so the trash cans would simply help improve collecting the waste that currently does not get picked up around the public realm. 

The local government already collects trash. The added infrastructure would only improve their existing program. Furthermore, the effort being applied is organic and local, meaning that this same energy and passion to improve the trash pickup programs capabilities will be retained within the community. Additionally, we have also held meetings with the mayor of the city of and the senator of the providence who both have shown great interest in replicating our model project within the city.

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