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This project is led by Jacob Guttormson, a Volunteer from Minnesota

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This project is called "Project and Design Management Training." This project will take place in a small community in southwestern Ukraine, where the students and teachers have never had an opportunity to learn about how to plan and do projects on their own. With the help of this grant, the hope is to empower the students and teachers of the school to plan successful projects that will benefit the school and the community as a whole. The goal of this project is to teach students and teachers in the local school about how to successfully plan projects and to empower them to plan and implement their own projects in their community. There will be two days of training with four hours of training on each day. The 8th through 11th grade students, together with teachers from the school, will work together both during and after the training to think of ideas for possible projects. The final goal is for ideas to be presented in a gallery and for students from grades 6 through 11 and all of the teachers to vote on their favorite projects. The two projects with the most votes will be developed further.

This project idea came from the principal of the school after attending the Peace Corps project and design management training with the local PCV. She suggested to do a similar training for grades 8 through 11 plus teachers. Ideas were also discussed with the German/English teacher. The principal also asked the 8th through 11th grade students if they would be interested in participating in such a training and most said yes while a few were unsure. This project will be sustained through the experience of the students and teachers thinking of project ideas and presenting them after the training. This experience will likely help them to further internalize what they learned from the training and help them remember everything longer. Also, the principal believes that as a result of this training, they will have good practice doing projects, be able to exchange ideas and information with people from other countries, and will be able to take part in a wider variety of projects in the future. More people from the community will take part in projects as well.

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