Women Workforce Training and Breast Cancer Awareness

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This project is led by Violet Esipila, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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The project will focus on training 50 to 60 local women healthcare providers to enhance client servicing and engagement. There is an increasing problem in Ukraine in the health care system when it comes to caring for patients. This problem has impacted both patients in terms of getting treatment from local hospitals due to hostilities, ineffective communication, and lack of motivation among healthcare workers. This has resulted in patients to lose motivation for seeking treatment in the early stages of breast cancer and not having the trust among medical staff, which then results to patients only seeking treatment once they discover the seriousness of the problem. The training will help local healthcare staff, especially first line contact with patients to make effective decisions to better accommodate patients. This approach will also help healthcare staff to better educate, provide referrals, and patients will then be able to make effective decisions for themselves.”UNITUS Charity Foundation will conduct the project. Currently UNITUS provide HIV/AIDs services to the community since 2001. However, because of the growing number of deaths among women with breast cancer, which in 2018 alone, 8,284 women died of breast cancer with 21.6% increase of new cases according to Globocan 2018, UNITUS decided to take on this problem. In order to successfully execute the project, UNITUS partnered with the Regional Cancer Center and the Local clinic to help in reducing the stigma, increasing client servicing, and implementing support groups to clients with breast cancer and survivors in the community.

The organization arranged partnership meetings between October 2019 to November 2019, with both the Regional Cancer Center and the local clinic who agreed to be future partners. This included the Regional Cancer Center and the Local Health departments to provide useful information pertaining to local statistics, their current model, additionally, the Regional Cancer Center will provide one of the specialized Doctor and a bus to conduct CBE upon completion of trainings for health providers. Secondly, the organization will partner with local leaders to help raise awareness in the community, this approach will be effective due to positive influence the local leaders have with residence. Third, the organization will partner with local clinic doctors who will then provide training to healthcare providers.

The project is going to be sustained due to partnering with a local family clinic and the Regional Cancer Center. The local Clinic was established in 2013 with the help of both UNITUS Charity Foundation and UNICEF. Since the establishment of the clinic and staff trainings, improvements increased among health workers and patients. Partnering with the clinic and utilizing the doctors in the clinic to help with recruitment of other health workers in the community, would help with continues of the project in the community. Secondly, UNITUS has partnered with the Regional Cancer Center who will collaborate on the project. Additionally, UNITUS will lounge a campaign through all their social media sites, community, and health providers trained to help continue with the promotion of improved CBE and breast health counseling. The campaign will result in providing the public with information targeting women to make healthy and effective decisions in life. UNITUS will also provide resources through their social media sites for the public.

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