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This project is led by Karina Guerrero, a Volunteer from Colorado

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Makhobalo High School is the center of the community of the Pela-Tsoeu constituency. Although the school grounds have the ability to host up to 5000 or more people at one time, our facilities cannot. This restricts the school’s ability adequately host major events, but unfortunately it does not stop the community from planning such things. Therefore, our school is in need of more toilets to be able to manage the influx of people. With the building of more toilets our school will be able to hold more events that allow our students to compete with the other neighboring schools, while also allowing our community to hold more events without overloading the school’s extremely minimal facilities. 

Most importantly Makhobalo has been rising in the ranks of top schools in the Leribe district, currently ranking in the top ten. We are thrilled that our hard work and dedication has been paying off but next year we are projected to have 400 new applicants apply to our school. Even if our classroom spaces can handle the increase in students our facilities will not. In order to increase our numbers and continue our rise in prestige the construction of toilets are vital.

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