Constructing Latrines for Remote Village

  • Health
  • Community Growth
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Lesotho
This project is led by Christopher Wu, a Volunteer from New York

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The purpose of this project is to construct 40 pit latrines for the 221 residents of a local village. The community is located in the remote, isolated valley, high in the mountains of northeastern Lesotho. While latrine projects have benefited many communities throughout Lesotho, the four villages that make up this mountain valley, one of the hardest-to-reach communities in the country, currently have no latrines. Instead, community members must go to the bathroom on the side of a mountain, exposed to 50 mph winds and other elements. This is particularly challenging in the wintertime; situated at 8,200 feet above sea level, the community often receives large amounts of snow in the winter months, making it especially unpleasant and hazardous for villagers to go to the bathroom. The lack of proper toilets threatens both the health of the community and the cleanliness of the environment. Though they lack the funds to build the latrines, residents of the community are extremely motivated to make this project happen. The funds from this grant as well as in-kind contributions from the community would allow the people to come together to construct 40 latrines, roughly one for each household. This will provide all 221 villagers with a safe, healthy, and clean place to go to the bathroom. Additionally, without proper bathrooms, women and girls in the community lack a safe, private space to use menstrual hygiene products. Building latrines will create just such a space, empowering young women and girls to attend school regularly and learn how to plan healthy futures. This project will also build the capacity of community members on proper sanitation and hygiene practices as well as on latrine construction for future projects in neighboring villages.

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