The Marine Sanctuary Revitalization Project

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This project is led by Nicole Broquet, a Volunteer from Texas

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Classroom group photo of students.
Nicole partners with her community for the revitalization of their marine sanctuary.

The Resource Management and Development Alliance (RMDA), is seeking assistance in the revitalization of their marine sanctuary. Marine sanctuaries are areas in the ocean that prohibit all fishing activities within the boundaries. If effective enforcement and community compliance occurs, sanctuaries can help alleviate fishing pressures on degraded fish stocks.

The RMDA is a dedicated manager of the sanctuary, but has been unable to effectively enforce the regulations due to its vast size (85-hectares) and offshore location. The RMDA is pursuing the construction of a guardhouse to provide enforcers with a base to observe the entire sanctuary. This will enable the enforcers to conserve fuel specifically for the apprehension of illegal fishermen, efficiently utilizing limited resources, and providing the greatest protection to fish stocks within the sanctuary boundaries.
To increase community compliance, The RMDA will conduct orientations for the officers of the people's organizations that border the sanctuary. These workshops will enhance the current knowledge of sanctuary benefits and how community support is critical to the sanctuary's success.

The officers will learn how to become advocates for the sanctuary and will be required to share this information with the members of their organizations. This strategy creates internal changes within each community that would benefit from the increased success of the sanctuary. With greater enforcement and community support, the RMDA will increase the success of the sanctuary and assist fish stocks in recovering. This will then provide the community with increased food security and help protect livelihoods for future generations.

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