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This project is led by Ethan Cardwell, a Volunteer from Kentucky

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The objective of this day–long activity is to teach female learners in the area about menstrual health and how to create RUMPS (Reusable Menstrual Pads). There is a lack of educational opportunities in the rural region for young girls to understand puberty and menstrual health. Although this camp will occur in an urban setting, many of the learners attending the three participating high schools originate from rural areas. More importantly, there is a lack of affordable resources available for the girls to be safe and sanitary during menstruation. This day camp is intended to develop a critical understanding of menstruation by addressing stigma and supplying scientific information and make available RUMPS for the female learners. It is hoped the girls can teach other community members about menstruation and the use of RUMPS. The intention is to perpetuate the knowledge of making RUMPS to form a club that meets monthly to formulate discussions on how RUMPS can be continued to be used, developed and implemented to keep the community healthy and informed.

The camp will be held during school hours. The learners will travel by foot to where the camp will be held. A female teacher from each school, an adolescent health corner nurse, and peer educators will facilitate the camp. The nurse from the adolescent health corner will be responsible for facilitating the education sections on menstrual hygiene management with the topics being the biology of the female anatomy and the process of menstruation, the important of menstrual hygiene, methods for proper menstrual hygiene, the role of men/boys in menstrual hygiene, and proper hygienic use of the reusable menstrual pads.

With the learners being equipped with the knowledge to create RUMPS, it is intended they continue to create RUMPS, and it will be addressed and encouraged that learners supply RUMPS to other community members. A session during the camp will target how to create, distribute, discuss, and eventually sell RUMPS to others—ensuring sustainability. A presentation about the day camp will be mandatory for attendees, thus informing the school—both male and female learners—of the efficacy of RUMPS and the facts about menstruation. This initiative, performed by the learners, is explicitly intended to have the attendees of the camp gain a sense of power and possession over the project. From this, it is hoped the attendees possess an enthusiasm towards creating and distributing RUMPS that will make the camp a residual success.

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