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This project is led by Erin McKinney, a Volunteer from Colorado

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Technology and Resource Center (T&RC) project has four goals. 

1) Our students and members of the larger community will further their knowledge of how to use technology to succeed. 

2)Will focus on training girls ages 10-16 on how to use technology responsibly. As well as technology employment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. 

3) The teachers working at school #4 will develop new skills related to improving their technology use in the classroom. 

4) Teachers will receive trainings focused on encouraging and improving girls technology skills in the classroom. To achieve these three goals, our project has seven components. 

First, we will set up the (T&RC) in our school. The school is providing a room, material goods such as Smartboard, TV, VCR, whiteboard, bookshelves, computer desk, modem, and the installation and transportation of everything required. As well as 9 months of internet during the school year. The alumni of our school will be donating light blocking curtains for the classroom. The grant will fund a desktop computer to be used with the smartboard. A color printer will help teachers provide engaging materials to students with various learning levels. So teachers can reach more students in one classroom as well as provide more opportunities for self-learning.

Second, three teachers and three students will volunteer their time to serve as monitors for the Technology and Resource Center (T&RC) and receive training on their duties. 

Third, the (T&RC) will become open to students 5+ hours per week during the summer and continue operating throughout the school years to come. 

Fourth, clubs will be conducted to promote using technology in the (T&RC). 

Fifth, students will attend trainings on expanding their technology skills and learn about technology jobs available to women in Kyrgyzstan.The target group will be girls between the ages of 10-16 attending school #4. 

Sixth, teachers working at our school across all disciplines will attend trainings on improving the technology skills and how to include these skills in the classroom. 

Seventh, Teachers working in Talas City will attend a 4 part series trainings to help improve and promote technology use by girls at school. We anticipate a large positive impact as the result of our (T&RC) project. For more information please see the outcome, capacity building, and sustainability sections.

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