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This project is led by Anna McClain, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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This project will include two teachers’ trainings for teachers in the Breman Asikuma District in Central Region. The trainings will provide new teaching strategies with a focus on girls’ education and an overall goal of improving teachers’ skills and knowledge. The first training will be a two-day training covering classroom and behavior management; challenges specific to girls’ education and strategies for overcoming those challenges; and best practices for assessing students to determine progress. The training will be attended by 40 teachers from 20 schools in the district. Each school will send their school counsellor and their girl child coordinator. The second training will be a one-day workshop led by the Practical Education Network (PEN) for 40 science teachers from 40 schools. The PEN trainers will go through at least 10 physics, chemistry and biology hands-on activities. Each teacher will also get a science resource manual to take with them and to use at their schools. This training will help improve science classes in the district by helping teachers to incorporate more hands-on learning into their lessons. We will focus on how to use the hands-on lessons to encourage and amplify girls’ interest in science and engineering. To go along with this training, the grant will be used to purchase 50 DEXT Science Kits for Ayipey Catholic Basic School. The re-usable kits will be used by both the primary and JHS students to conduct electrical energy and basic electronics experiments.

We will be partnering with a local NGO that is made up of teachers and counseling psychologists called Counselling and Education for Change Organization (CECO) that runs training throughout the region. The District Counsellor, Girl Child Coordinator and STEM Coordinator from CECO will help to lead the trainings. The other seven members will participate in the training as trainees to learn the techniques. This project was initiated by the teachers at my school who expressed concern about the gap between the performance of girls and boys at the school and want to understand how to support girls’ education. Ghana Education Service (GES) has been getting stricter about the use of caning and other corporal punishment at schools and the teachers at my school have been asking for advice about what methods to use instead. Hopefully this project will address both of these concerns and spread positive practices towards girls’ education and classroom management throughout the district. Additionally, the science teacher at my school approached me about improving how science is taught and the resources available for teaching science. The combination of the PEN training and the DEXT Science Kits address that concern and will hopefully improve science teaching throughout the district.

In order to ensure the sustainability of this project, we will partner with a local NGO in the district called Counselling and Education for Change Organization (CECO). Furthermore, since some of the members are in charge of the district, they will organize a circuit-based training to help those that couldn’t attend the training to obtain the knowledge to implement the new strategies in their classrooms. Normally, CECO’s activities for G.E.S. are sponsored by the Capitation grant, school’s internal generated funds, cooperate bodies and individuals. Every term, this team will go around to monitor and assist schools in order to continue to spread the knowledge imparted by the training. Finally, the sustainability of the DEXT Science Kits will fall on the school. The re-usable kits will be stored in a secure location. Any replacement parts that need to be purchased in the future will come out of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) dues that are collected every term.

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