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This project is led by Ashly Emerson, a Volunteer from Arizona

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After participating in the capacity building conference for 5 days, students and teachers will have the knowledge, ability, and resources necessary to fulfill the second objective of our project which will be for all participants to initiate individual democratic leadership and/or gender equality activities at their schools across the country. These activities will be in the form of workshops, clubs, seminars, or lessons for students. With the help of 5 Peace Corps Volunteers and 5 Ukrainian Counterparts, this conference will provide training to 15 Ukrainian English language teachers from underprivileged communities, 15 self-funded teacher participants from across Ukraine, 5 teachers from nearby schools, and 40 local Ukrainian students with skills directly related to themes found in “The New Ukrainian School” (an education policy initiative supported by the Ministry of Education). There will be 3 Core topics covered including democratic leadership, gender equality, and project design & management (PDM). Skills linked to democratic leadership will include: complex problem solving, leadership styles, civic education, and team dynamics. Gender issues in Ukraine will be covered through topics related to: gender roles, inclusive education, healthy relationships, and self-esteem building. Finally, skills related to PDM will be covered in topics related to: club/seminar/activity structure, networking, planning, implementation, and financial literacy.

After this skills-building conference, student participants will be able to initiate school and community-based projects for their peers on gender and leadership related topics. Teacher participants will be able to implement various projects related to leadership and gender issues for their own students and colleagues upon returning to their communities.Teachers will be equipped with the necessary skills and resources to incorporate democratic leadership and gender equality into their classrooms, as well as to be trainers of trainers in their school communities.

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