High School Tuition Assistance Program

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This project is led by Katrina Fendrych, a Volunteer from California

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High school students in Lesotho must pay for their schooling. Many are unable to complete their education because of this restricting financial requirement. This tuition assistant project would allow five deserving students to attend school for one semester by paying for their tuition, building capacity within these individuals and their community. These students will engage in a mentorship program where they will both be mentors and mentees. I will be following up with the students and be available to them as a mentor throughout the semester and my Peace Corps service, and they will in turn volunteer at my site placement, an orphanage in town, and serve as mentors there. The community will donate the uniforms, books, and book fees to fulfill the 25% community contribution. The principal and teachers have worked tirelessly and come together outside of school hours to form a committee and select students for this grant. The community has agreed to pay for the book fees and uniforms for these students. The students have agreed to volunteer their time to the orphanage I work for and to meet for a mentorship program with me. While the funding may not be sustainable, the education is. Each year of education completed will open more doors for the students selected. By gifting an education, capacity is built within these individuals. They can continue to impact the world long after their formal education is completed. Also, this experience applying for a grant and working with a scholarship committee will improve their chances of obtaining other scholarships in the future and will inspire these children to aim high in life.

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