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This project is led by Elizabeth Brackett, a Volunteer from Washington

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The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) aims to support local students by paying school fees (including computer fees, school tuition, and registration fees ). While in Lesotho primary education is paid for by the government, secondary students and their families are expected to pay for their schooling. Five students chosen by the TAP committee at our school will hold weekly meetings to discuss school issues, home issues, and general life concerns with the volunteer and host country-national counterpart in order to ensure improved school performance. Education is crucial to a sustainable and enjoyable future which can be inaccessible to students who are unable to pay fees. Through community contribution (textbook and uniform fees) and this grant, 5 learners will be able to continue their studies and go on to be educated members of society. The school community has been a driving force in the application distribution and selection process. The principal of the school took the lead role in organizing a committee to select appropriate scholarship recipients. From there, the committee (composed of entirely community members) selected students who would be a good match for sponsorship. Previous to this application for students, the community has been strongly in support of education of students by assisting needy students to get assistnace from local sources like the Department of Social Development. As a part of this grant, the community will continue to show their support for education by providing a 25% contribution in the form of uniforms and textbook fees.

While the short term funds of this project only provide school fees for a short amount of time, the project is sustainable because the community will help educate students about the best ways to continue to be able to pay their school fees. By educating students about opportunities to earn school fees in the community, students are able to continue to pay for their education without outside help. Students and community members involved in this process are then able to continue to pass on this knowledge to others. Certain skills students learn, such as applying for a scholarship, can be used in future opportunities. Simply the addition of educational years is sustainable as one year of education itself is sustainable.

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