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This project is led by Erin Summers, a Volunteer from Texas

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The Tuition Assistance Project aims to provide school and boarding fees for five girls attending the secondary school in the village. Currently, many families in the area struggle to pay the high costs for education for their children, many students have to drop out of school to work and help support their family. The goal of the Tuition Assistance Project is to support access to education, and to encourage students to give back to their community, thereby giving five students the opportunity to attend school and accomplish their goals. Included in this program, is the requirements for mentoring and a measurable activity. The students will meet monthly both one-on-one with the Tution Assistance Program Committee and the Peace Corps Volunteer for mentoring. Furthermore, the students have decided to give back to the committee by becoming peer educators.

My community is passionate and excited about the Tuition Assistance Program. Not only will it provide tuition for five students, but it also encourages those students to give back to the community. My community has been the driving force behind this project by becoming involved in the selection committee, assisting students with their application logistics, encouraging youth to finish school, offering to volunteer their time for tutoring after school, and helping come up with ideas for the group’s measurable activity. Additionally, my school is a boarding school and therefore many of the students needed to travel to get their parents signatures. The taxi drivers in my village donated their time and generously gave those students free transportation so that they could complete this task. The community has also helped backing these students by helping provide stationary and uniforms for the students. Education in and of itself is sustainable because the knowledge the students receive is something that cannot be taken away. Additionally, the mentoring portion we will include financial education that teaches girls financial literacy and how to save half of the tuition amount during this time so that next quarter they already have half saved and only have to pay half out of pocket. Additionally, through the peer educator program they will be able to train new peer educators when the time comes and thus continue the education.

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