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This project is led by Saya Anne Lacey, a Volunteer from California

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The sponsored Tuition Assistance Program students at the local High School will meet with myself and a member of the TAP committee bi-monthly to discuss both the academic and emotional challenges the student may be facing. The goal is to create a learning environment for the student to express their needs and be provided assistance from community mentors and myself. Since many of the student come from low social and economic backgrounds, they are constantly worried that their inability to pay school fees will result to their expulsion from the school. Additionally, those students who struggle to provide basic needs at home also struggle to come prepared and stay motivated at school. The TAP committee is made up of community members, the school principal, and a full-time teacher. Each group session will be planned and lead by both myself and a community member. Of the 3 community members, they have agreed to rotate the attendance so all of the students will have an opportunity to get to know the community volunteers well. Additionally, we plan to invite parents and other volunteers from the community who wish to take part in the bi-monthly meeting. Before each meeting, the community member and I will plan and prepare for the activity done during the TAP meeting. The goal is for the meeting to be lead independently by the community member. This project will be sustainable because we will have the involvement of the community members. The goal is for the students to share the information they obtained among the community and encourage fellow students and younger members of the community to continue pursing higher education. Additionally, this project will allow those families who could not afford to send their learner to school this year time to save for next year's tuition. The Tuition Assistance Program Committee believe every child should have access education and through this program will continue to seek means of funding to help students continue their education.

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