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This project is led by Sydney Mcguire, a Volunteer from California

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TAP is a Tuition Assistance Program that RPCVs at Friends of Lesotho initiated to help high school students in Lesotho cover their tuition fees. Each Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho can apply on behalf of 5 children, given that these children submit the required application and agree to fulfill specific activities outlined by the local TAP committee. This TAP grant would cover the second semester of the 2019 school year for 5 students. The Tuition Assistance Program is PCV initiated, but the community is the driving force behind it. A TAP committee was formed at the local high school to help select the scholarship recipients. The committee consisted of the Principal, Vice Principal, and Clerk of the local High School. After the PCV shared the required documents necessary for TAP, the committee was responsible for collecting the required information and selecting the students that they believe could benefit most from the tuition assistance. The committee and selected students were responsible for turning in all required papers in a timely manner. After the students receive their TAP funds, community involvement will be an ongoing component of the TAP program. The TAP students will give back to their community by volunteering at the local clinic and primary school on a monthly basis. Although this program cannot provide tuition assistance indefinitely, the semester that is does assist these families with school fees is invaluable. A semester more of education for these students will further empower them to make higher education a priority in their life. It also provides their family with time to continue saving money to send their children to school the following years. It also shows these recipients that people care about their education and consider them worth investing time and money into. Helping to develop positive self images in these students is sustainable, because the motivation can help carry them through the rest of their lives.

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