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This project is led by Aliza Barnett, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) will provide school fees for five students who are not able to otherwise afford tuition. The grant will provide enough money for school fees, which will include uniform fees, lunch fees, computer fees, and other school expenses. The TAP committee, which includes teachers at the school, volunteers, and other community members will meet weekly to touch base with the student. During these weekly meetings, we will discuss what the school can do to support the students, the students' challenges at home, and how to create sustainability so that the student can continue attending school even without being sponsored in the future. The goal of this grant is to allow students to attend school without the stress of wondering if their family can pay, and to increase support amongst staff for student success.

The beneficiaries of this grant are five secondary school students who live in the community. The TAP committee, which is composed entirely of community members, and led by the Principal of the school, aims to work with these students and their families throughout the school year. Members of the community, and teachers at the school are directly involved in the beneficiaries sustained support. In the past, these community members and teachers have also provided students financial support via Government Social Services programs. The teachers at this school are invested in the students lives both in and out of school, and will continue to provide support and guidance, with the goal of providing sustainability to the children whose families cannot afford school fees. Community involvement is provided further when it comes to the student's school supplies, books, pens, and other materials. These are all donated by members of the community, the school, and the TAP Committee.

The sustainable aspects of this grant rely on the TAP Committee. The committee is responsible for counseling the students and their families on options for continued education without the help of the grant. The students know that they may not be eligible for the TAP Grant in future years, and they know that the committee they meet with weekly will continue to council them throughout the school year. Through the TAP program, the student becomes aware of how to apply for sponsorship programs, which can benefit them in terms of their writing skills, and also can assist them in the future when applying for higher education and university. Education in itself is also sustainable. Once the sponsored students get access to education, there is nothing that can take the knowledge away from them, and the TAP program can promote sustainability in this way.

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