TAP Grant 2020

  • Education
  • Youth
  • Lesotho
This project is led by Grace Johnson, a Volunteer from Washington

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This project is to provide a secondary school with funds to aid five selected students to continue their educational journey! In this community it is common for students to drop out of school in order to find work or help out at home. The community members of these students are coming together and providing the students what they can but outside aid is always a great support! Providing resources to further the education to these students will not only brighten their future opportunities but the supported students will also participate in activities to give back to their communities. The students selected to receive aid are determined by the community itself and are chosen because they are bright and ambitious students that just need a little help to reach their goals. The community that the students belong to has supported them by providing school uniforms and meals to encourage good attendance; after a survey of the community it was found that a good sample of adolescents in the community are not being reached educationally. To combat this the community has suggested clubs to educate teens and who better to aid in teaching but their peers. This project is sustainable because the peer education aspect will allow a breath of learning both on the part of the peer educator/student but also on the part of the peers who are being taught. The project will inspire peers to become educators and thus continue their education. Financially this project will be sustainable because it will give the families of these students the time to save up and start saving for their children’s education and relieve them of the financial burden right now so they can get ahead of the tuition payments. This also gives the students time to learn about and begin their own Income Generating Activities to raise and support their education.

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