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This project is led by Lily Patterson, a Volunteer from New York

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The purpose of this TAP Grant Application is to provide five learners, who have shown great commitment to their studies and a desire to grow that commitment even further, with the opportunity to do so via monetary support and mentorship. The TAP Committee took great care in selecting these learners and will continue to take great care when mentoring them to ensure their collective and individual successes. Each member of the Committee is paired with a learner and they will conduct phone calls and in-person mentoring sessions with this learner to help with studies, advise as to future plans, and generally provide support where needed. The Committee has also committed to working with the learner’s parents throughout this project to ensure open and clear communication from all sides. The community as a whole has committed to contributing the basic needs of a student that are not tuition. These include: uniform (shirt, sweater, trousers or skirt, and shoes), books, and basic supplies, such as pens and paper. Receiving this TAP Grant has the potential to do so much for the learners chosen, but also for the community as a whole and its impact will be felt by many.

The TAP Committee did all of the work for this project after the Peace Corps Volunteer introduced and provided the requirements for the grant. The Committee worked together to choose five learners who would benefit the most from this project. They took into careful consideration that the TAP Grant will only fund learners for a limited period of time and for that reason did not choose orphaned children who receive scholarships from the government, but rather chose learners who do have support from their parents and those around them, but that need some extra help. These learners’ parents were also instrumental in the putting together of this grant, as they came to meetings and provided and signed all of the documents needed, as well as agreeing to monitor their children’s studies on top of the mentoring system from the Committee, described later on. This year the school as a whole has been focusing on sustainability after realizing that some of the projects or clubs that the previous Volunteer had done or formed were not actually sustainable. So, focusing on sustainability was a priority for the TAP Committee. As mentioned, the Committee intends to continue working with these five learners long after the TAP Grant is complete and have set up a system for this. Furthermore, the Committee now has experience writing a grant and feel empowered to do so in the future, whether that is for TAP again or another grant. The TAP Committee has also committed to regular meetings for the Committee itself, to ensure that each member is doing their job. Furthermore, enabling learners to pursue education is sustainable in and of itself, as the more they learn, the more they will be able to achieve.

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