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This project is led by Matthew Nichenko, a Volunteer from Missouri

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Our vision for this project is to create a new culture around education for all students. We want to re-imagine how education can improve our student’s lives by including technology to the learning experience. The first, most foundational step in attaining our vision is to re-imagining the physical space in which students learn. Our proposed Student Learning Center will include many tools found in modern classrooms, including projectors, document cameras, and wifi / internet support. This will help create a safe-space environment where all students can learn and practice English. Additionally, our project will also properly educate teachers in how to maximize learning with technology in the classroom. These new strategies will show teachers how to create and collaborate with student centered learning assignments and projects. Teachers will now have the tools to move away from 19th century educational practices and move into the future in a technology focused environment. This space will also be designed to support extra curricular activities, such as English Clubs; as well as, teacher trainings and general classroom purposes. The re-imagined Student Learning Center will also support an English Resource corner as well as a voluntary school wide English reading program.

Our community is firmly invested in this project. Our community needs assessment reviewed low English test scores, low interests in learning English, along with an influx of English speaking job opportunities. The local community and economy greatly needs more English speaking citizens to support business and tourism industries. Our needs assessment surveyed individuals throughout the region in different sectors. Government oversight staff, local businesses, and teachers and students from our school all came together to identify the need and highlight potential successes for a Student Learning Center to support students maximizing their English capabilities. To maintain proper communication throughout this process, a project committee was established. Members of the committee include; the school headmaster, librarians, technical support staff, and counterpart English teachers. Our headmaster was not the only individual showing strong interest in improving the school facilities, nearly all the teachers at our school are equally excited in using a technology focused environment. From mathematics to world geography, nearly all teachers have shown incredible support and interest in seeing this projects completion and using the resources in productive and appropriate manners.

The project committee meets weekly to discuss each step of the project. All facets of the project must have universal approval from all parties before progressing. This ensures all voices are heard and held accountable. The committee will also collaborate to schedule maintenance to ensure the care of the physical space and sustainability of the project activities. Once the physical space is built, all teachers will go through workshop sessions to best understand how to use the newly acquired resources and technology. They will be trained in how to teach student centered projects that will maximize the space of the Student Learning Center. They will also go through several sessions on how to operate the new technologies; as well as, how to use these new technologies in their lesson plans.

Sustainability goals and focuses:

- The counterpart teachers within the project committee will be responsible for setting and arranging the Student Learning Center schedule. They will ensure that 100% of students will have completed at least two projects maximizing the Learning Center’s resources.

- English Club students will be held responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of the Student Learning Center - as English focus activities will have priority scheduling status.

- All English teachers will support the Student Learning Center in helping provide teaching and English based classroom resources. This will look like sharing lesson plans, activities, tests, and English books available.

- The headmaster (another member of the project committee) will oversee proper financial support of the project. He will ensure they Student Learning Center pays monthly utility bills (internet); as well as, routine technological maintenance (replacing projector bulbs every two years).

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