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This project is led by Hannah Arnold, a Volunteer from California

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The goal of the Income Generating Student Housing project is to use existing infrastructure to create safe student housing on school grounds. There will be three rooms available for female students and two students will share each room. The Girls Hostel will have a capacity of six girls at the school. The student housing will also provide a source of income for the High School which is currently struggling to run due to a lack of funds. This has made it difficult to operate and even to provide chalk for the teachers, as well as school lunch for the students. As one of the few High Schools in the area (grade 8 through 12), many students are forced to walk long distances early in the morning and for some students at night after dark. When students are forced to walk to and from school it poses a threat to their safety. This girls' hostel will create a safe living space for six girls, and will prevent them from being victimized walking to and from school everyday. The goal of the school is to use the grant funds to provide a safe and practical place to live for six girls every year in the future.

Community members have a history of funding, building, and leading projects in their community. In 1986 the school was built by community members while the students were using church buildings during the process. Today, the existing infrastructure was built primarily by community members. 34 years later, the community still shows the same devotion to the education of their youth. The support of the project will be shown by the community contribution of labor and material sourcing during this project. They are committed to this project and this school.

A local committee will meet regularly to address problems and allocate funds for the project while a contract will highlight bylaws that require approval by the board before spending is made by the school. The budget will maintain savings in case of an unforeseen problem with the buildings, as well as allocate funds for other school projects and workshops. In years where finances are hard to come by, the project will allow the school to use funds to pay for necessary items (chalk, lunch food, etc.). A code of conduct will be signed by parents and students who reside on campus during the school year. Every year the parents will be updated about the Girl’s Hostel so that they know that there is a potential to live at the school, especially since there are often shortages of student housing in the community.

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