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This project is led by Brianna Conaghan, a Volunteer from Wisconsin

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Women sitting at the table having a discussion.
Brianna is working with her counterparts to facilitate the Strong Women's ToT ptoject.

The Kyrgyzstan Women’s Club Project is entering its eighth year, and the project’s main goal remains the same: arm Kyrgyz women with the knowledge they need to lead more informed, empowered, and healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. The Kyrgyz women and their PCVs are armed with knowledge, skills, and resources from these trainings about topics such as gender roles, health, and women’s rights. They then bring this back to their own communities and conduct their own women’s clubs and trainings. To date more than 100 six-week women’s clubs, reaching hundreds of Kyrgyz women, have been successful in Kyrgyzstan due to this training. The clubs that will be held after this training will reach 450 female students and 450 Kyrgyz mother and grandmothers throughout Kyrgyzstan. Educating and empowering Kyrgyz women and their communities will create positive changes in the everyday choices women make regarding their health and lifestyle. 


1. Hold a four-day “Strong Women” ToT in December 2018 to build the capacity of 30 local counterparts and 20 PCVs to teach their own six-week women’s clubs on topics covered at the training.

2. Local language training toolkits will be distributed to all ToT participants with session designs, handouts, and monitoring and evaluation documents.

3. Local counterparts will administer ten clubs to 15 female students and 15 local Kyrgyz women with the assistance of their PCVs, together monitoring, evaluating successes and failures, and reporting back to project coordinator by April 28th 2019.

4. The participation of local trainers at the ToT’s will serve as community contributions. Community schools, centers, and organizations will provide space without charge for the clubs, also serving as community contributions and supporting the project.

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