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This project is led by David Jarmul, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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Local youth holding their projects.
Young women in Moldova who become mothers can stay home with their child for three years without losing their jobs — a policy many Americans can only dream about. They and their children benefit from this policy in many ways but these young women can also feel isolated at home and disconnected from their professional identities and aspirations. In an effort to meet the needs of young families, especially young mothers, Ialoveni’s library will organize a weekly “story time” that it’s calling ”Cu bebe la bibliotecă,” or “With Baby at the Library.” Modeled on similar programs in other countries, it will bring together families for stories and fun along with educational programming for the adults, the large majority of whom are expected to be young women. (Half of the children, of course, will be girls.) The grant will enable the library to purchase toddler-sized furniture, games and resources to provide a kid-friendly setting. The library will also create programming on topics such as child development, financial planning for women and safe use of the internet, responding to preferences identified in a community survey. The survey showed strong support for the idea (by a 30-0 margin) while also showing that most young mothers are not currently using the library. This grant is part of a larger effort by the library to redefine its mission, from repository of old books to community center and modern resource, with a special effort to reach out to girls and young women.
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