Staff Housing Construction

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This project is led by Alanna Dent, a Volunteer from Virginia

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Our school is understaffed, we have 14 teachers and over 800 pupils - with enrollment increasing every year. We have classes with over 100 pupils in one classroom at a time. If we had enough teachers, our school would be able to split grades into two or more classes to have a more manageable classroom load and to allow teachers to cater to pupils’ individual needs. The school is seeking funding to construct new staff housing to receive more teachers. Our pupils have below national average literacy and numeracy levels, and often lack basic English literacy as late as grades 8 and 9. This means that most pupils cannot pursue education beyond grade 9. We know that a better student to teacher ratio would greatly improve academic opportunities for pupils in our rural community. Our school and PTA formed a committee for the construction and maintenance of staff housing. The community is providing all the upfront materials available in a rural setting. This includes the bricks, pit sand, river sand, crushed stones, and manual labor for construction. Under the direction of the local headmen, these responsibilities were divided among the villages served by the school. The funds raised will be used to purchase the remaining materials used in house construction. Our project will construct three new staff houses, allowing for three to six new teachers at Nteme. This will improve the quality of education at our school and help us send more pupils to secondary and higher education.
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