Solar Pump

  • Community Growth
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Togo
This project is led by Jessica Baby, a Volunteer from Illinois

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The purpose of this project is to provide access to safe drinking water and promote better health and hygiene practices to a local village of over 2400 people in Togo. The community understands that drinking unclean water is dangerous for their health and that of their families and community as a whole. Many accidents directly related to just the treacherous conditions of the terrain and exhausting nature of the two hour journey to fetch water have occurred over the past 5 years, resulting in severe dehydration, injuries from falling and children drowning due to the strong current of the river during the raining season. This project will not only give the people of the village a new water source, but it will give them the tools necessary to bring their first protected and clean source of water in the village through technical capacity building. Most villagers believe that along with the lack of resources, formal education, or money, they also lack the ability to change their lives; however, with the implementation of a water source, villagers will finally begin to not only see how they can make a difference but to be part of the change.

The communities’ contribution to this project includes contributing the land, gathering essential resources such as water, sand and gravel used in the borehole construction and the cost of transporting these materials to the well site, and of some of the manual labor. It is expected that the majority of this project’s budget will be the borehole drilling materials and the cost to hire a professional well drilling company. Most of the labor will require a skilled drilling and pump technician along with skilled labor to oversee the labor of village workers.

The water committee is a key component to the sustainability of this project, with each member having specific roles and responsibilities that outline their work during and after pump installation. One of the main roles of the water committee is to monitor the pump’s function and attend to repairs. Technical training will be given to those responsible for repairs, by the borehole well technician and the government hydrogeologist, as well as contact information for nearby experts who will be better equipped to handle more difficult technical issues. The committee will also conduct home visits, surveying the village every 6 months for two years following the installation of the pump. These surveys cover a variety of topics from the efficiency of the water committee in village to the health of the family. With the assistance of our technician, regional hydrologist, community leaders, trained water committee, and motivated villagers this project can be sustainable and successful.

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