Small Water Tower Project

  • Agriculture
  • Senegal
This project is led by MG Kopjanski, a Volunteer from Virginia

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This project proposes to dig and construct a small water tower outside a local community in Northern Senegal to provide a reliable water source for the local Master Farm (a farm dedicated to conducting trainings and teaching best practices to nearby farmers), two active women's gardens, and another community member's field. This project addresses the issue of a lack of water for agricultural purposes in this part of Senegal, and how that lack of water causes limited gardening and farming, as well as minimal production of field crops, vegetables, and fruit. Creating such a water source would increase the capacity of community members and farmers to continue agricultural practices and thereby produce food. The community's contribution for this project would be monetary: all persons that would benefit from such a water source will contribute an undecided amount of money to either contribute to the digging of a bore-hole or towards the purchase of a pump. If this project is successful, an upwards of 100 people will directly benefit in that they will have reliable access to water to continue agricultural practices. In addition, due to increased agricultural capacity, the entire village will benefit because of the increased amount of field crops, vegetables, and fruit produced locally.

The water tower that supplies water to faucets in the village does not supply enough water to sustain agricultural practices and is often not working. After seeing a small forage project, the local Master Farmer approached the volunteer to propose digging and constructing a small water tower in his field, so as to provide a reliable water source for his field, another farmer's field, and 2 women's gardening spaces nearby. The benefits of this project will be sustained so long as the solar pump continues to function, and no part of the water tower breaks. They can use the collected money to repair the water tower and continue reaping the benefits of the water supply. In this way, these community members show their dedication to this project and their need for water in this arid climate. Once the water tower has been constructed, water pump purchased, and spigots are functioning, these community members will have a new source of water that will sustain their fields and gardens over a long period of time.

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