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This project is led by Lynza McKoy, a Volunteer from Maryland

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Share your Successes is a media and journalism project. The overall goal of this project is to raise awareness and expand the minds of our students, teachers, and community members about gender equality, civic engagement and civic education. In doing so, this will allow our community, especially our youth, to have the platform and space to share the issues that affect their community and their lives. By the end of October, 10-15 students, 6-10 teachers, and 5-10 community members will participate in four 2 hr (public speaking, communication, inter/intra- personal and technical) workshops in order to become change agents in their community. Also, by the end of November, 10-15 students, 6-10 teachers, and 5-10 community members, will have 4 different teaching sessions; 2 leadership and communication, 2 in civic engagement/education and gender equality; teachers will have 2-3 hr sessions and students will have 4- 2 hr sessions. By the end of March 2020, students, teachers, and community members will be able to share their views, passions, and perspectives with the community using media as a platform in the form of interviews, that they will continue to be sustainable, long after this project’s end date. Girls involved in this project will be a life example to other girls in the community. Their participation in the project will show that in addition to just focusing on classes students could do something bigger – they could get involved in community life and in service learning projects. Participation in gender equality training will prepare boys to become allies to help support girls and work together to meet common goals.

The community is one of the biggest driving forces of the project. The project plans to take the media studio on the road; this project will not only interview students, but teachers and community leaders and members in the community will be interviewed. For example, everyone involved with this project would received trainings on civic education, but new topics they are interested in; gender equality, entrepreneurship or business management, social equality, civic advocacy and engagement, while developing their language skills and any other subjects they want to address. This will all group voices to be heard. Also, city council members, and other community leaders and other head leaders in our community; directors, businessmen and women, so that the average Ukrainian can listen and share their opinions. Our director has a strong relationship with the city- council and mayor and they both will be involved in the design and planning process. The point of the Media Studio on the road is so that eventually not only will the local community have the opportunity, but, because of the great relationships the mayors and city council members have within the Oblast, both of our head leaders will help and spread to neighboring towns and villages so they can have their voices heard as well starting a chain reaction. Many of the non-profits and organizations in our town are headed by women that live and work in our town. We will showcase that in the project.

This project has already proven to be sustainable. As before, this project was originally the Media Studio project, with the last volunteer from 2013. He has left and this project has continued. I am the new volunteer, and they liked my idea. Instead of creating a new project, we will just build on the one here to make it better and more productive. Now that it is just not one teacher and a few students project, but to expand and include teachers, more students and community members, it allows for a broader span of network and community building. With the support and help from our director and the direct contact we have the city council and the mayor we can assure that as long as they continue to work together, and the community is always wanting to speak and share the viewpoints and perspectives this project will always be maintained. As long as there is media and technology, people always have something to say. Materials have depleted and now, because we are developing the project more, more materials are needed for a bigger studio, and make it more official. The physical environment will be conducive for the sustained use of technology items when the new building will be built. The items will be properly stored and safeguarded in the IT room which will be rebuilt. The community members will be trained on the use of the items when they attend all of the technical sessions. All of the students and teachers that are interested in and have taken the technical trainings, will manage and oversee access, usage, maintenance, and upgrades to these items. When it comes to the high value items, the director, and the IT teachers will be responsible for maintaining all pieces of equipment. And all of the future repairs will be paid for by the school. If an item requires ongoing resources or upgrades to function, it can be purchased locally by the community. For purchases of technology, the school will finance these licensing and upgrades. After the trainings and the project is completed, the younger generation of not only girls who are likely to continue this project, but young boys who see how this group of young boys work and collaborate with girls to address the issues in our town. Moreover, when young boys see how this group of boys interact and support the girls, they are more inclined to see young girls as their equal. The core group of girls, boys and teachers involved in the project will be responsible for involving and training new generation of students who will then continue this effort.

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