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This project is led by Estelle Crimmins, a Volunteer from Colorado

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The village is an agricultural based community and their main farming storage building was damaged in the rainy season so they are seeking funding to complete necessary repairs. The structure stores many different parts of the agricultural process that allows the yearly sowing and harvest process to function sustainably. This building is especially important as it serves as the main store house for the women in the community, allowing them economic independence. The communities’ machinery and agricultural tools are stored within the structure to maintain their integrity for use between seasons. The harvest that is stored here is the primary source of income as well as staple crops used by the families for the entire years’ food, the loss of which would devastate their food security. Part of the crop is retained to be used as seeds for the next years’ crop so improper storage could continue to impact the economic security of the community for years to. This storage is especially important as it holds things such as fertilizer that cannot be kept within the farmers’ homes as it would be a danger to the family’s health within the compound.

The community initiated this project because of these concerns and is planning to establish a maintenance fund to prevent future similar devastations. They want this to create lasting change so they are eager to complete a training based on sustainable farming and seed storage to improve the way they use this agricultural facility in the future.They are eager to help with the rehabilitation in both labor as well as with funds as available. They have promised to complete all the labor themselves, with the guidance of a hired contractor to ensure the building is properly and sustainable constructed. They believe that the project will likely require the assistance of twenty local volunteer workers and they will orchestrate that process. As well the people of the community have promised to create an infrastructure maintenance fund that the village development committee will manage. This money will be used to reinforce the building before the rainy season and as needed after the farming season has finished. This money will also serve as a safety net if any future damage to the building may occur.

The village development committee (VDC) has offered to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building after its completion. This maintenance will be funded through a locally contributed infrastructure maintenance fund that will be created as part of the community’s contribution efforts. The VDC will oversee semiannual checks both before and after the rainy season to see if any maintenance may prevent future issues with the roof or other structural elements. They will assign one person from the committee to be specifically in charge of these checks and remodels to create a sense of accountability.

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