Secondary School Rainwater Catchment System

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This project is led by Molly McCafferty, a Volunteer from Maine

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In the southern highlands of Tanzania lies a remote village with beautiful landscapes and inspiring people. In this village is a Secondary school where 612 students spend most of their time. The purpose of this project is provide the school with a rainwater catchment and storage system from which the school community will use a pump to fetch water. Currently, the school relies on a community tap that brings water from springs in the mountains and frequently runs dry during dry season (May - November). As a result, much classroom time is lost due to an increase of waterborne illnesses from untreated river water, as well as students being pulled from class to fetch water. Female students are disproportionately affected as they are the ones who are sent to fetch water from the nearest water source, 20 minutes away. With the goal of keeping students in class and improving health during times of water scarcity, rainwater catchment would provide an economical and sanitary source of water for this community. The proposed project cost is 5,040,000 TSH and the community is prepared to contribute 2,160,000 TSH, 42.86% of the budget, through in-kind donations such as materials and labor. The school has also incorporated this project into the school budget should there be any need for repairs or maintenance in the future. It is proposed that the project would begin in January 2018 and continue into March 2018. To ensure the sustainability of the project, the community will be educated on maintenance and repair techniques of the system, as well as the importance of proper use and maintenance. The construction progress will be monitored by the project committee daily, organized by the head of school, to ensure the project is on track. The success of the project will be measured in the reduction of lost class time and the availability of water. Those involved in the project are dedicated to the implementation of this project and especially the well-being of the school community.
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