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This project is led by Lincoln Law, a Volunteer from California

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The Secondary School is located in the Dodoma Region. The Dodoma District population as of 2012 was 401,956. The Secondary School population today is 982 students, 50 teachers plus other staff members. The economic activities of the area consist of small scale farmimg, bee keeping, other artisans, eg. carpenters, masonry workers. A variety of crops are grown in the area, Maize, Okra, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Sunflowers, Grapes, Groundnuts. to name a few. There is a large number of children of preschool age. This is a testament of the future increase in population of both Primary and Secondary Schools. The school does not have access to reading materials, which makes it difficult to complete their assignments. The Head of school expressed a need and desire for a library on school campus. The Second Head Master and the library committee chairperson head up the fund raising efforts of the library committee. The committee has begun raising funds for a shipment of books to the library which are expected to arrive July 2019. The committee selected books that fit the syllabus of the Tanzanian school system. This school library project will make it possible for the students at Secondary School to have access to subject specific information. This project will add to the improvement of the students academic performance. By having access to books on all topics, grades will improve throughout the school all grade levels. All the science subjects will be represented in the library stock that is housed as well as the subjects from the arts and philosophy. The construction part, that is the renovation of the building will be implemented December 2018 to March 2019. The cost of renovation $5000 US.

The library committee will communicate to the teaching staff to observe and be on the look-out for bright alert students-Students that are studious, conscientious, diligent in their studies. The ones who demonstrate an interest in books and the role of the library in the educational process, will be given the opportunity to work with the library committee, and be trained in the LIBRARY BEST PRACTICES. The school serve boarding students as well as students who commute daily. A student may attend the Secondary School for six years. The school recently added form five and form six, A form one student who show/demonstrate an interest to acquire knowledge of how a library functions and a commitment to the role of the library in the education process, can be observed for a period of time by the teaching staff and library committee and if found to possess needed qualities will be able to become a library helper. There will be ample time to select the best qualified individuals to work in the library insuring that the library will operate smoothly and efficiently. Five students will be used as library monitors. Committee discussed depending on the need, the monitors will be utilized during class and/or after class time. This project being a school campus library, will come under the school budget. The library staff will follow closely the information found in the library manual. Meaning, The library staff will relate to the library committee the needs of the library as outlined in the library manual. The committee will inform the Head of School the Head of school will converse with the School board and as any other up keep of the school the school budget controlled and dictated by school needs.

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