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This project is led by Emma Bixler, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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Beninese high school administrations play an important role in their communities, jumpstarting village projects and promoting youth development. Not long after I began teaching in September 2018, our school principal approached me with one primary request: that we build a library. While our high school is home to approximately 318 students and many professors, it lacks this one essential resource.

Building a library on school grounds would give our students access to course textbooks most of which are not affordable or unavailable and a clean, safe space to study. In addition, our goal is to stock the library with literature, giving students the opportunity to read for leisure. We hope that by providing a variety of materials to our students that we can inspire a love for learning, and that they will thrive not only academically, but creatively. By donating to this project, you are contributing to the educational experience of generations of future students. Libraries are the epicenter of educational exchange and growth, an asset crucial to youth development within this community.

Furthermore, the leaders of this project are not Peace Corps Volunteers but community members such as our principal, the Student Association, the Development Association, high school English professors, local artisans, and more. Your contribution goes directly to aiding the community in executing its dream of constructing a library and ultimately providing better opportunities to the youth of our village.

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