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This project is led by Corin Bolles, a Volunteer from Connecticut

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This grant seeks funds to aide in the construction of a computer lab to be built at the secondary school. The grant will aid in the construction of an entirely new block to house roughly 18-20 computers. The community is willing to gather all materials needed for the construction of the building and supply all manpower, as needed. Having a block solely dedicated to computers at the secondary school would greatly stand to increase the technological skills of both the students and teachers.

The Head teacher is familiar with the workings of grants and has already outlined the 25% community involvement to all involved parties. We have held multiple meetings with the school administration, the PTA, and the local headmen and leaders. The head is the driving force behind this project. He has mobilized community involvement and organized the community contribution for this project. He is passionate about education and bettering his school and believes that a computer lab is a great way to do just that. The school is contributing the land to build on and some building materials.

After the training of the teachers is completed, I will give an assessment to ensure they are all at the appropriate level to instruct basic software applications as well as assist with basic trouble shooting. There is already one teacher at the school who has studied computer sciences at university and I will work with him to train a second teacher in the more advanced technical areas to serve as a back up in the event that he is transferred elsewhere.

After the completion date, I will still have 6 months of my service left before I depart. I already assist with programs at this school regularly and will continue to monitor and train teachers as needed until my service is complete. As far as maintaining the hardware and software. They have already proven that they can maintain hardware being that they are working off of and have constantly repaired the two functioning computers that they currently use to administer tests.

The software we intend to use is a version Microsoft Office that is easily opened by newer versions. All newer software updates that Microsoft has created and released is developed to be backwards compatible. The desktop themselves are just newer versions of what they are already operating and are commonly found in Mbala's internet cafes. I am going with this hardware because I know the repairs and parts can be found at the electronic repair shops within Mbala, and can be purchased affordably.

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