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This project is led by Kyle Tweedy, a Volunteer from Montana

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The purpose of this grant is to supply the local high school with chemicals and equipment that are essential to the students' education as outlined by the Ministry of Education and WASSCE curricula. The supplies gained from this grant will be dispersed across the school's physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories. All willing teachers within the community will be trained in the use, proper storage, and maintenance of the materials and will utilize them to help students achieve mastery of the content. Many of the apparatuses obtained will also be made available to other schools in the area. Schools will also receive trainings in the use of locally found materials to better teach concepts crucial to students' education.

This local high school has shown an avid interest in bolstering the laboratory sessions offered for high school students. They have invested in spaces specifically designed and designated to house laboratory classes, written laboratory manual guides, and attended multiple Peace Corps lead laboratory teacher trainings. They have asked for a Volunteer whose sole job is train teachers within the area to expand their skills and comprehension in the laboratory as well as honing the teaching of these concepts to their students. With a new PCV stationed in the community, it is the mutual goal of both the high school and Peace Corps that the capacity of teachers in the area have many opportunities to excel in their abilities to educate students in a variety of experiments within the classroom. The skills gained in partaking in hands-on science will reinforce the conceptualization of practical questions that are necessary for passing the WASSCE examination.

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