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This project is led by Abigail Kaiser, a Volunteer from Florida

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A group photo of young men holding up a class project.
Abigail works with her counterparts to build a science lab in the high school for students.
This project will allow for the completion of a science laboratory at a senior high school. Currently, the school does not have a science program, and there's no place to do practical science lessons with the students, particularly the Home Economics students (all females) who study biology as an elective subject. All other students also study core science and they are tested on practical application of knowledge in multiple science areas on the West Africa Secondary Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) which happens to be the required exam for entry into a tertiary institution. This project will enable to school to set up a science lab and address the students' requests for more practical lessons which will hopefully improve their academic performance and, particularly, promote female students interest in science. 

The grant request will be used to procure various science equipment for the lab. Once the setting up of the science is complete, the school could be eligible to apply for and begin to run a science-specific program. 

The students have been requesting a science lab and a space for practical lessons since the PCV came to the school in September. The school has recently been assigned a carpenter, electrician, mason and plumber, along with multiple laborers. The school is now equipped to take on the project. The headmistress and other science teachers have requested that we start a science program, but the only requirement we are missing is the science laboratory. The school will provide the labor for the project and have begun gathering estimates for the budget prior to this application. The school administration and staff are responsible for compiling the budget. Attached in the documents section, there are files called chemistry practical list. This list was compiled by the teacher that will be coming to teach chemistry upon opening of the science laboratory. The physics teacher has also already began trying to teach practicals, but he lacks basic equipment. The school community has been attempting to get a science laboratory for the past 5 years. The school has been the driving force behind this project. The science staff has been responsible for compiling the budget and doing price comparisons already. 

The students and fellow science teachers will maintain the equipment in the laboratory in a way that is studious and professional. This project will ensure that all students have equal access to resources during their studies. The materials for the laboratory can be used to practice as an individual or as a group to learn key concepts. The students will be able to use the laboratory to better understand the concepts they are learning in the classroom. This laboratory experience will allow them to think critically long after the initial support has ended. After my departure, I am confident that the fellow science teachers and school administration will ensure that the laboratory is maintained, especially because this is a project they have wanted to complete for a very long time. All students will be trained on the equipment by their teachers during the first week of school. All teachers have complete a university program in the field in which they are teaching. Most teachers have substantial experience teaching in a laboratory setting and are more then capable to ensure this lab and its equipment is properly maintained. The teachers are the stakeholders so they have a significant reason to maintain the facility. The chemicals will be replaced each year through school fees applied to all students enrolled in a core science course. Part of the fees that the school collects will be set aside to support the purchase of new chemicals each year.

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