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This project is led by Michael Perrin, a Volunteer from Indiana

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With this project, the project committee [which consists of PCV Michael Perrin, counterpart, and the Headmaster was formed by a collective drive to better the school not to mention we have worked on previous Peace Corps grants before] hopes to improve the existing library and transform it into a Teacher/Student Resource Center. Right now, the existing library is not very organized and it is not a suitable learning environment. This project aims to provide tables and chairs for students to use and experience the resource center as well as bookshelves, books and a projector for students to fully enjoy what a library can offer. The community will contribute to labor in cleaning, organizing, training workshops, electricity and security of the new resource center. This room will be a space for students and teachers alike to host English/Library club, trainings, seminars, development activities and a place to store and reuse teaching materials.

The community will provide everything for the project, except the desktop, printer, projector, speakers and books which must be purchased in the country’s capital. The local carpenter will build new furniture for the Resource Center and a local electrician will rewire the room to make it suitable for the new electronics. The teachers at the school will clean and organize the room. The Peace Corps Volunteer and the Project Committee will host trainings how to keep the library organized (how to keep and manage the books), how to use the new equipment and the best way to store and reuse teaching materials. The PCV and a Secondary English teacher will run English/Library club meetings in the resource room to read books together and keep the room organized throughout the year. 

This project consists of a PCV and various counterparts which means the project will be sustainable. The teachers and the English/Library Club will take ownership of the project after the initial support from Peace Corps. The English/Library Club teacher will lead the club in keep the resource center organized and the headmaster or other teachers will use the room to host further trainings. A few teachers are knowledgeable in ICT and electricity and have agreed to help repair the new equipment when nsecesary, with funding provided by the headmaster and the school.

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