Primary School Beautification Project

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This project is led by Kaitlin Polacheck, a Volunteer from Washington

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The Primary School Beautification Project aims to repair and/or replace school materials and equipment which are old, damaged, defective, or no longer relevant (e.g., old textbooks) in order to create a school environment more conducive to learning for students and professional development for teachers. Following the implementation of grant funds to purchase and repair school equipment, the PCV and counterparts will lead training and Teacher Group Meetings (TGMs) on how to organize and maintain the school's library and computer lab as well as how to teach pupils to do the same. The school hopes that, in collaboration with the community already established, literacy levels will increase in both the community and students as the library will be used by both teachers and students, attendance will be boosted and the school will have a bigger variety of after-school programs not only for students but for community members as well. The Senior Teacher and PCV will also train 2 students from each grade to be Library Prefects so that they can help their peers utilize the resources in the library. These efforts to train students and teachers about the use and maintenance of the school's existing resources will help to increase involvement and learning at school by the entire school community.

The PTA executive board and the school administration have called several meetings with the volunteer since January of 2019. At first, they were asking for a new school block, but after conversations with the PCV and her Program Manager, they refocused their ideas to better utilizing the space and resources the school already has. The PTA and the school administration have been the driving force behind this project's ideation and planning. The entire school community and local community will be involved in creating Eco-Bricks for the project using recycled plastic bottles and soft plastics. They have already begun creating and collecting Eco-Bricks. This project aims to start a more effective trend of preventative maintenance and small projects at the school and in the community. The school has created a plan to collect a small budget each month for preventative maintenance and has dedicated one day each week to cleaning and maintenance activities after school. Also, the creation of Eco-Bricks will reduce plastic waste in the community and will encourage creative reuse and recycling of trash. The PCV and her counterparts will train both students and teachers in the use of the computer lab and the small library so that they can continue to preserve these resources after the PCV leaves. These teachers and students have made a plan to train others in the same areas before they are rotated out of the school themselves.

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