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This project is led by Devlin Irwin, a Volunteer from Florida

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The school in the PCV's community is an overcrowded basic school in a district known for overcrowded basic schools. They are not a well equipped school, and do not have a reliable means of becoming well equipped in the near future. The school is completely solely dependent on the funding provided by the government, which is insufficient due to the size of the student body. Almost 1,000 students attend the school. It has grown rapidly over the past 15 years and the school has struggled to maintain enough desks and classrooms, ICT labs/supplies and Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs). Clearly, they have a funding deficit and need to generate some ideas to help bridge the gap. An NGO is designed to bridge this gap by rearing poultry for the purpose of selling eggs to the local market. We estimate potential profits of close to US $2,800 every year. Money of this magnitude can easily pay for maintaining and running the poultry farm. Profits like this are possible because the bulk of the costs on such a project are up-front fixed costs, namely the structure to house the birds, with the structure being the costly part of the project. The community is donating most of the materials/supplies needed to construct the shelter as their community contribution, accounting for roughly half the total project costs. The farm will be managed by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

This project was the brainchild of the school's, headmaster, Mr. Gati. He called together a community stakeholders meeting and together the community approved the idea and committed substantial resources towards the construction of the building. 120 roofing sheets and 1,300 cement blocks were made available for use on the structure with promises of 40 bags of cement and roofing tar. The community also selected a man to be caretaker.

The project will pay for itself out its own revenues after the third month of layer life, when they start laying. The goal of the project is to establish a sustainable business whose profits largely fund the school. Funds will be managed and held by the PTA but ledgers are to be provided to the School Management Council (SMC) and School Headmaster as well, so they can audit the PTA.

Basic bookkeeping/accounting is being taught by the PCV (who has a business degree) to ensure that the funds are adequately managed and recorded. Material misuse will be prevented in several different ways. Most materials are or will be locked up in one of the school storage rooms. Mr. Sewornu is both a teacher and a professional mason and has drawn up precise blueprints for the number and use of cinder-blocks. We will be following his instructions exactly to prevent misuse.

Long term success for the chicken farm is dependent upon the financial responsibility and proper care of the chickens. We will be maintaining a savings buffer in case of emergency, as well as adopting a process of only spending once per year, with a percentage of available funds spending maximum to prevent fund depletion.

Chicken health will be maintained by our caretaker, a trusted community youth named Srokuda, who will be taught chicken maintenance by the PCV and our professional reference, Moses.

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