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This project is led by Kevin Coulson, a Volunteer from California

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Many students at school struggle to succeed in the science subjects. There is limited space and few resources to use as teaching aids for these subjects. This project aims to increase students' scientific knowledge by renovating the current laboratory as well as two unused rooms to be converted into laboratory spaces. The primary beneficiaries of the project include students, science teachers and administrators at the school. The project will be completed in three phases. First, repairs and renovations will occur to create suitable spaces for laboratory work. After renovations, science subject teachers will use the laboratories to increase student comprehension of their respective subjects, and the number of laboratory instructional hours will be recorded. Finally, students' exam performance will be measured to determine any change in understanding of particular science topics. The implementation of these phases will be overseen by the project committee which consists of the headmaster, academic master and science teachers at the school. Once renovations have been completed, science teachers will monitor the project's progress by recording the number of laboratory instruction hours that students receive each week. The total project cost is $7958.64. Building materials and money for labor have been donated by the community to help fund the project. In order to ensure the project is sustainable, select students will be trained and monitored by subject teachers on general laboratory maintenance. Funds to cover additional costs will come from students' tuition payments and from selling maize grown on the school's farm. The project aims to boost students' scientific knowledge, critical thinking abilities and encourage the use of laboratory resources for kinesthetic learners. Increased scientific literacy and increased national examination scores for students in the science subjects are among the anticipated outcomes of the project.

There is a strong desire by administrators, teachers and the parents of students at the secondary school to improve national examination scores. The project committee consists of the following members: a chairperson, a secretary, an accountant, and three members. An initial meeting occurred in May 2019 to discuss the individual responsibilities of committee members and the scope and projected outcomes of the project. In June 2019, a meeting was held to discuss specific details of our community contribution, a projected timeline and sustainability strategies for the project. The community contribution will come from materials including bags of cement, timber boards, truck loads of sand, and skilled labor for renovation. In total, the community contribution is 4.65 million shillings which equates to 25.8% of the total project budget. Both the cement bags and lumber boards are currently locked in a storage room at school, while funds for both sand and skilled labor are in the school's bank account. These funds are monitored by both the school secretary and the headmaster. In order to reduce maintenance and up-keep costs, a small group of select students will be responsible for cleaning and organizing the laboratories under teacher supervision. Their responsibilities will include cleaning lab benches, sweeping the floors and removing garbage, returning laboratory apparatuses to their designated storage areas, and reporting unlabeled chemical containers and other potential hazards to the appropriate teacher. The school is equipped with laboratory supplies, and the annual budget currently includes funds for the purchase of additional laboratory supplies. Funds to cover the costs of laboratory supplies and general laboratory maintenance will come from students' tuition payments and from selling maize grown in the school's farm.

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