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This project is led by Maya Penn, a Volunteer from California

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The project is a Sick Bay facility for the deaf school where the Peace Corps Volunteer currently teaches. The sick bay will have the following features: an out patient department (this is where records of the patients will be taken), a dressing room, a male ward, and a female ward. The project will provide three (3) beds for each of the male and female wards. The objective of the project is to provide basic health care to the pupils and staff of the school. The contribution of the school is the provision of a room that will be partitioned in the various parts mentioned above. The community is also in touch with the Ghana Health Services to attach a Nurse who will man the facility. The school will provide a residence for the Nurse in the school to facilitate her work. The provision of the facility will greatly have positive impact on the health needs of the school and student community and enhance teaching and learning in the school.

The school has provided a room which will be partitioned into four separate spaces. One of the issues considered in designing the project was the injuries that the children have during their play and hence the place for dressing wounds. Another ailment that occurs frequently is malaria and the pupils need to be monitored when treatment starts hence the female and male wards. The school also visited other schools facilities to observe how the system of the sick bay works. The Ghana Health Services has also been contacted for the attachment of a Nurse to the facility while the school will make provision for a residence for the Nurse. The community has contacted groups and NGOs like Rebecca Foundation and Noble Ladies in the UK who are ready to support the facility with first aid drugs and equipment after the completion of the project. The Ghana Health Services has also promised to attach a nurse who will be resident in the school to provide health services to the Community. Currently, each parent is paying GH¢5.00 for first aid. This payment will continue when the sick bay starts operating. It will serve as a back up for the school to purchase drugs for the use of the sick bay. The students will not pay any other money for the services that will be rendered by the Nurse. Ghana Health Services will send a nurse to the school and they will be responsible for her salary. The school will provide an accommodation for the nurse to reside on the compound.

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